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Business Mobility

General terms

Cancellation fees

Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the beginning of the service - the total amount is due.

Different terms apply for coaches: cancellation less than 72 hours prior to the beginning of the service - the total amount is due.

1. The customer accepts the current rates set out in the contract. These are calculated according to the services provided and may be per hour or by way of a flat rate for transfers.

2. The service of the chauffeur and the use of the vehicle are included in the rental price in accordance with the instructions given by the customer; as are petrol and passenger insurance.

3. The rental price does not include the chauffeur's board and lodging charges nor the cost of telephone calls, tolls and parking. These costs are invoiced to the customer according to supporting documents.

4. The customer undertakes to settle the amount of the invoice in cash at the end of the service and a deposit may be requested. However, the company favours payment by credit card (Amex, Visa and Mastercard).

5. The hirer shall not be held responsible in the case of an accident, a breakdown or delay for whatever cause, and the customer undertakes not to claim any compensation or indemnification.

6. The customer releases the hirer from any responsibility in case of theft or damage occurring to valuables transported in the vehicle.

7. The hirer requires its staff to behave with total courtesy towards the people transported in the vehicle. Nevertheless, the customer renounces any claim against the hirer in case of dispute with the chauffeur of the vehicle.

8. The hirer declines any liability in the case of abnormal behaviour of the chauffeur for whom it cannot be held responsible under any circumstances.

9. In the event that either the customer or a passenger of the car poaches a chauffeur or another member of staff employed by our company supplying the vehicle, the renter (customer) undertakes to pay compensation for prejudice suffered. This compensation will also cover, namely but not exclusively, the costs for seeking another person, training, induction and clothing. This compensation will be equivalent to six months wages or salary of the person poached directly or indirectly. Directly means the employee is hired immediately; indirectly means after a period of up to six months during which the chauffeur in question would have worked for another company.

10. The present agreement is governed by Belgian law. Any dispute shall be judged by the Courts of Nivelles.