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TRAVEL FASTER - Motorcycles


Getting around a city can be restrictive; however, our motorcycles will enable you to arrive safely and on time.

A service that will guarantee that you get round the vagaries of traffic and thus control your travel time.


Quality service

Transport of people is exclusively on BMW k1600 and Honda Goldwing 1800, the most comfortable motorcycles on the market.
The service is available in Brussels and its suburbs with reservation on-line or by phone.
The rider will have the professional insurance documents in relation to the transport of people by motorcycle with him. You may request to see these.

Save time

Plan your movements without worrying about traffic congestion, save time and arrive in time for your appointments. Move around freely and comfortably on our grand tourer motorcycles, the exclusive BMW k1600 and the Honda Goldwing.

Comfort and safety

We guarantee the best fittings for a comfortable and safe journey: heated seat, helmet fitted with single use head protection, integrated wireless technologies (ease of communication with the rider), protective cover, coat and gloves, luggage panniers for a carry-on case and storage space in the trunk.